How Market Conditions Impact Patients, Administration, and Physicians.

Discovery Resource # E-33

Understanding how medical market conditions may trickle into challenges for physicians, patients, and administration will provide you an understanding of how (and why) each group may be impacted.

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Defining Your Values and Life Purpose Statement

Discovery Resource # E-34; E-13

Trying to make career and life decisions without discovering and prioritizing your values and purpose is comparable to you trying to pass your boards without a studying for them. Be prepared for the future with a thoughtful evaluation of your core values, mission and vision.

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How to Build Your Search Strategy

Discovery Resource # E-17

This exercise will help you organize your search strategy around job boards, career fairs, medical associations, professional recruiters, and more.

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Calculating your Income After Taxes

Discovery Resource # E-36

Understand how taxes impact your cash flow and how to estimate your income after taxes, so you’ll have a solid foundation when budgeting for your mortgage, car, emergency savings fund, living expenses, and investments.

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Preparing for an Onsite Interview

Discovery Resource # E-37; E-22

Complete a step-by-step interview preparation process that will give you the best opportunity to impress a prospective employer and receive an offer.

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Creating a Savings and Spending Plan

Discovery Resource # E-29

Gain more control of your life by creating a budget based on your anticipated discretionary income and your best estimate of your living expenses.

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Evaluating Leadership Competencies

Discovery Resource # E-04

Start on a path to higher learning and productivity, receive guidance on the practice setting that’s best for you, and increase your self-awareness and ability to “sell” yourself to others.

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Creating your Golden Opportunity Targets

Discovery Resource # E-32

Identify five people in your Golden Rolodex list to talk with before you begin the first round of telephone and on-site interviews.

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Setting You Apart from Other Candidates

Discovery Resource # E-20

With this exercise, you'll learn how to distinguish yourself from the other candidates discover and define your career goals.

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Creating and Using an Elevator Speech

Discovery Resource # E-18

Develop a critical asset in your job search — the “elevator speech” — that is concise, practiced and perfected, yet remains conversational and does come across as rehearsed or canned.

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