A New Physician’s Guide to Personal Finance

Discovery Resource # ST-23

Learn how to navigate the early stages of your personal financial life. With the proper foundation and focus on personal finance issues you can control, you'll have a much better chance of overcoming the obstacles that often prevent physicians from achieving financial independence.

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Finance Basics

Discovery Resource # ST-09

Use your acquired knowledge and personal wisdom to make prudent decisions now, so you can look back without regret and achieve the goals you have set for yourself.

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Understanding Business Arranagements

Discovery Resource # ST-11

Physicians typically practice in one of five business settings. Each of these settings has its pros and cons and each can impact compensation and opportunities for growth and personal or professional development.

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How to Write a Cover Letter to a Prospective Employer

Discovery Resource # ST-14

Accompany your CV with an with an effective cover letter that distinguishes your application from other candidates.

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Search Strategy

Discovery Resource # ST-05

Maximize the efficiency and effectiveness of your search by identifying your resources, understanding your obstacles, and organizing the tools at your disposal.

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Best Practice for Physicians to Evaluate Compensation Offers

Discovery Resource # ST-13

Walk through the process of comparing compensation models and determining the structure that will best suit your needs and preferences.

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Physician Compensation

Discovery Resource # ST-03

Find answers to your important questions about the types of compensation packages, their specific differences, and what constitutes a reasonable offer.

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Non-Clinical Careers

Discovery Resource # ST-19

Gain more control of your life and career by understanding all of your possibilities, expanding your options as a physician, and learning how to take the first steps toward a non-clinical opportunity.

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Market Trend and Trials

Discovery Resource # ST-02

Make a better-informed career decision; understand the connection points between patients, hospitals, and physicians; and discover where you need improvement and how you can raise your standards.

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Life, Money, & Career Priorities Survival Guide

Discovery Resource # ST-04

Make a better-informed decision about your future through an honest and complete evaluation of your life, money and career priorities.

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